What is special about The Karakas? 

It's a small scale low impact subdivision which seeks to work in harmony with the natural landscape flora and fauna, whilst providing the purchaser with an opportunity to build something unique.

The subdivision is elevated for magnificent sea views and placement of buildings well away from any tsunami or erosion zones. It has a private access way well off the road for safety and privacy.


What type of building can i construct?

Pile and timber floor; size between 70-150m2; Plus an additional ancillary building up to 30m2. Materials sympathetic to the local environment.

Relocatable and prebuilt are allowed though a site specific design is encouraged.


Lot 3: 2695; Lot 4: 2645; Lot 5: 2590

What Services are provided?

Internal roadway; underground power and phone connection to each section. Communal dispersal fields (Lot 8) and underground storage and connections to those fields.



Power is supplied from one supply inlet, then to each buildings own metered box. This means cheaper power as the retailer services and other daily charges are spread between all 6 lots, rather than each lot having to pay that monthly charge whether you’re there or not.


What Covenants are there? 

Click on the link here, but the main ones are (1) to protect each lot owners views by defining placement of building; limiting fencing and scale of planting to retain an open space feel; and (2) ensuring that buildings and vegetation is sympathetic to the local environment.


Who manages the communal areas?

You do. A Residents Association (each section has 1 of 6 votes) is set up to oversee the covenants and manage the communal services such as the dispersal field and roadway. Annual contribution $250 per lot.


What does the development look like so far?

Photo Gallery. click here.