The Karakas subdivision is nestled on the edge of Hiwikirikiri coastal sheep and cattle farm. 

Situated right on the coast with expansive sea views, the sections offer a unique coastal platform upon which to build something special that you and your childrens' children will treasure for a long time to come.

Each section has an elevated open space view along the coastline whilst being nestled behind and to the sides by native vegetation.

A 15HA area of regenerating coastal vegetation -which includes a grove of Karaka trees planted by Maori over a hundred years ago - is covenanted with QE11 to ensure that it survives and flourishes.

You’ve got access to the best recreational boat launching facility on the east coast between Wellington and Riversdale / Castle Point. The Trust’s long term arrangement with the District Council ensures that you and your children, can enjoy the great fishing grounds off the Tora coast.

Originally a rehab farm for the returning soldiers of WW2, Hiwikirikiri has been in the Murphy family for 3 generations. As locals, we wanted a development that primarily enhanced the local environment and the social nature of the local community. We didn’t want to get fixated on the bottom line, like an outside developer not familiar with the area might be prone to do.

We hope that you’ll see the covenants as a way of protecting your investment - so that your views don’t get built out, so that the open space feel is retained, and to stop someone getting carried away and building a multi story monstrosity like those that are happening on our coastal spots all over the country. 

We locals appreciate a little modesty and are much less competitive than our northern cousins. And after all, this is our home too so we don’t want to see it spoilt.